24°56' 57.04" N 121°21' 07.00" E is our location; this is Yingge, with its Ceramics Museum, studios, factories, and galleries—a place with abundant resources.
Taiwan is our name. It is surrounded by ocean, has fertile soil, a warm climate, and 200 years of ceramics-making history.
The world is our friend. Through sister institutions, international invitational exhibitions, and international artist villages, our reach extends around the globe.
Ceramics makes up our precious collection. Classical, contemporary, avant-garde—our holdings are incomparable.
The 2020 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale: Seeking the Passionate Spirits!
2、Event organizers:
  • Organizer: New Taipei City Government
  • Executive Organizers: Cultural Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government and New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum
Mandarin, English
4、Specifications for Submitted Works:
  • Up to 2 works of art primarily in the clay or ceramic medium (the clay content of the work must constitute one-half or more of the whole).
  • No single side of the work may exceed 150 cm, and no single side of the work after installation may exceed 250 cm.
  • The work must be completed in 2017 or later and not selected or awarded in any competition before.
  • Theme or subject-matter is unrestricted.
5、Entry qualifications:
Ceramists from all over the world are welcome to register. There are no restrictions on nationality, age, or status. Artists working collectively are requested to designate one person as representative (and to attach the name list of their group).
A participant has the right to decide if any insurance is necessary during the delivery and return of work. The Museum is not liable for any damage to any work or for any accident during transportation. The Museum will be responsible for the insurance of a work starting from its arrival in the Museum (or appointed location). As there is no damage after the Museum check out, through the process of review, preparation, exhibition, and handling for the return of the work, until it leaves the Museum or the return deadline is passed. Moreover, the insurance amount shall not exceed NT$300,000 for each insured item.
7、Please note:
  • The registration documents and photographic materials submitted shall be retained by the Museum for research and recording purposes; they are not to be returned.
  • No request of return, removal, or replacement of any selected work is allowed during the process of review and exhibition. The entry may not be resubmitted to any other competition or exhibition before the results are announced.
  • All participants must confirm that any work submitted to the competition is their own original work, that they have the ownership of the work, that their work has not received prizes or been selected for inclusion in any prior competition, and that the work does not violate any copyright. In the event of any breach of the above commitments, the Museum reserves the right to rescind a winner’s prize and claim restitution of the monetary award in addition to the return of the trophy and certificate of award.
  • The Museum shall handle the issues relating to the exhibition and publication of the works at its sole discretion.
  • By submitting the entry form, a participant shall be deemed as having given consent to authorize the Museum to use his or her work without any reimbursement within the scope required for exhibition and relevant activities. The scope of authorization includes exhibition, photography, replication, and translation of the award-winning and selected works, creation and sale of the publication and souvenirs, and promotional activities.
  • All participants who have submitted entry forms and works shall agree to be bound by the provisions set out in this invitation.
  • For matters not included in the rules, amendment may be made upon review and approval of the jurors or the Museum, and then announced.
8、Contact information:
Address: 200, Wenhua Rd. ,Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 23942, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Telephone: 886-2-8677-2727
Facsimile: 886-2-8677-4034
Email: tcb.ntpc@gmail.com

If you have problems with uploading please contact the system administrator, by email: tcb.ntpc@gmail.com
The organizers reserve the rights to revise related rules and schedules of selection process, if there is any revise, the organizers will inform the participants.